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Ever since I was a little kid my favorite type of art medium was clay. I was lucky enough to take clay classes at different times during my childhood and in to my high school years. I took every clay class that was offered at my high school and since they did not offer the potters wheel my parents let me take an adult study potters wheel class at night, and from then on I was hooked! When I went to college I took various ceramic classes and ceramics was a part of my major at San Diego State but my emphasis was fiber arts, sometimes I kick myself and think I should have emphasized in ceramics.  When I was 27 I started working in a small private school in Rancho Santa Fe, CA and it was during my 16 years of teaching Art  to grades K-12 that I was truly able to learn Ceramics and the Potters Wheel and how to teach these skills to any age. Kids love to work with clay! It’s fun, it’s messy and if you don’t like what you have start over! There are hundreds of ways you can create and glaze ceramics and I have spent the last 25 years of my life exploring all kinds of different methods of creating with clay. I’m still exploring, still learning, and still perfecting my craft.


I have always wanted my own business and the opportunity came along for me to starting teaching in a homeschool program that a dear friend of mine started. I’m excited to be able to offer hand building ceramics and potters wheel classes to students of any age either privately or as a vendor to different schools that offers enrichment classes. If you or your child are interested in exploring the world of ceramics drop me a line. I offer a variety of classes in the summer and privately any time during the year, I’m mobile and I can come to you!   I live in San Diego with my husband Nick and daughter Copper. We are a surfing, skating, hiking, snowboarding/ skiing family that loves to spend time outdoors and at the beach. 


Alicia M Ferreira

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